Dearest readers,

Stocking the fire of passion with the winds of inspiration, overriding logical callings with intuitive whispers... I've been continuously following my gut and heart in my life path choices.

In 1991, I left my Kibbutz life with the yearning for spiritual meaning and with the seemingly unsatiated thirst for an adventure ;).

I journeyed the world, guided toward extended periods of yoga and meditation studies in India, sprinkled with rainbow-gypsy-dance-herbal-healing-study trips all over the world to eventually land in the grip of Odissi Dance, which fulfilled for a long while both my spiritual longing and my creative expression. Odissi Dance has been an instrumental vehicle in my growth as a powerful woman, an artist, a sacred dancer, a lover of life.

After inadvertently building a career as a yoga teacher through the 90s and early 2000s, I started teaching Odissi in 2006 in Prescott, Arizona and formed Shakti Bhakti School of Dance and Ensemble in 2010 in Santa Cruz, CA. I since taught and performed in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, England, Greece, Israel, India, Texas, and of course hundreds of performances, workshops and classes in the SF bay area. Along the way, I've met all of you, whom I feel so blessed to know.

As much as I learned immensely powerful lessons from my teachers, and perhaps even greater lessons from my connection to spirit, I feel I've learned the most precious gift of all from you, my students; the gift of connection - of uniting in passion, in pain, in joy, and in ecstasy. Of being One in the Cosmic Dance.

With the imminent expansion of social media this past decade, I've chosen to "stage" myself as a dance teacher and performer. However, all along, I've been walking the parallel path of inner cultivation through Taoist practices and have been studying and working with bodywork and natural healing arts as well.

So, what now? what the future holds? I've been reflecting upon the winds of inspiration that currently blow my flame of creation... the longing to more fully intergrade my dance interpretation with my ultimate calling of spiritual illumination. Of being truth to my wild mystic healer nature - and for sharing the way of ecstasy with my people. The Future is synonymous with Mystery, transforming as we attempt to cement it. Yet, a few insights and invitations I’m here to offer –

- Regarding Odissi Dance, I’m currently taking a break from initiating self-produced classes, workshops, retreats, and performances. Yet, I’m delighted to teach and perform per your commission; private lessons, class-series, workshops, performances and retreats at your neck of the woods or at a destination location, are all welcomed! Collaborative performance and teaching invitations are welcomed as well J.

- Simultaneously, I’m working on developing a new way of integrating healing movement with inner cultivation and self-inquiry practices - to unleash the tremendous power of our creative force - nurturing emotional healing and the awareness of who we truly are.

- I’m currently working with my beloved, Cain Carroll, and his body of work, the Clearbright Way, teaching sexual cultivation practices for women, and wellness coaching for men and women. Sessions can be conducted in person or on phone / video.

If you wish to dance with me, heal with me, or work with me in any capacity that sparks your interest, let me know and we shall explore the bud that is longing to blossom.

With love –