Shakti Bhakti Ensemble is a SF Bay Area based dance company dedicated to the exposition of Odissi Classical Indian Dance. Shakti Bhakti dancers are passionate about sharing the ancient art of Odissi Dance with audiences around the world.

Revital Carroll, founder and artistic director, had studied Odissi Dance with some of India’s most eminent dance gurus; Gangadhar Pradhan, Bichitrannada Swain, Sujata Mohapatra, and Ratikant Mohapatra, to name a few. She teaches and performs world wide, and continues her studies under Niharika Mohanty of Guru Shradha.

I have auditioned (and collaborated with) many dancers and choreographers from various forms of sacred dance for our Mantra Dance Project, and recently had an opportunity to witness Revital’s live Odissi performance. I was struck by several things that I found remarkable: her technical ability and focus, impeccable costumes, and a third quality that might be called ‘amazing presence.’ I would call it channeling Shakti; which some would define as ‘primordial life force energy of the divine feminine.’ Her dance performances are truly riveting and a delight to behold.
— Peter DeLong, Mantra Dance Project, Clarity Productions, CA