Shakti Bhakti Academy offers a comprehensive approach to Odissi Dance training. Revital teaches traditional Odissi Dance as developed by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and the Odissi Research Institute. In addition, she incorporates an extensive knowledge of yoga and holistic movement to support proper alignment and correct body mechanics. Revital's approach to Odissi embraces each individual's quest to cultivate their own unique potential. The result is a curriculum that is in-depth, playful, and deeply rewarding.

The depth of Revital’s wisdom combined with her attention to detail and her kind, grounded nature, make her an excellent teacher for this multi-layered and multi-faceted dance form. I have studied a variety of dances with many different teachers, and Revital is among the very best I have ever encountered in her ability to communicate her knowledge and to coax the best out of her dance students. I have had a very rewarding experience learning Odissi from Revital!
— Carmela Woll, Attorney, Santa Cruz, CA

Private Instruction

Revital is available for private Odissi dance sessions online or in her home studio in the south bay of San Francisco.

Dance Session Packages.jpg

Coaching packages are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Students holding packages receive priority scheduling.

Single one-hour sessions cost $100 

*Advanced payment is required for video sessions. 

**24-Hour Cancelation Policy: Sessions canceled or rescheduled with less than 24-hours notice are billed at full price. 

Revital skillfully taught me from her vast repertoire of Odissi choreography and technique. She gives careful guidance to each student, regardless of their skill. The classes were fun, well-paced, and challenging! Revital is an extraordinary dance and yoga teacher and it is a privilege to spend time with her.
— Lisa C. Technical Writer, Santa Clara
As someone who was not trained in any kind of dance, I was initially intimidated by Odissi. Upon meeting Revital and taking her beginner class, I discovered in her, not only a wealth of knowledge of this spectacular dance, but a continuous friendship and inspiration to find my way into this dance form.

Revital is truly passionate about Odissi and she cares deeply about teaching others. It was clear to me, from day one, how serious Revital takes my learning process and how supportive she is. When learning something new, it is so essential to find someone who really believes in you and wants to inspire you.

Any time I felt frustrated, I found myself inspired again and again by Revital, through watching her perform and by her insightful perspective about my learning process. I feel so grateful and blessed to have met someone who so diligently works to meet the needs of so many dancers and share what she loves with the world.

I highly recommend Revital as a teacher to ANYONE who is interested in Odissi. She makes this dance more accessible for us in the west who may have not had much exposure to this dance-culture as well.

THANK YOU, Revital!!!..for your amazing presence in my life! I am so grateful for you and look forward to class!
— Jenna Teague, school teacher, Santa Cruz