Once you baptized in your own sweat as a sacred dancer - has challenged your muscles and mind, spirit and heart, and developed proficient skill, you are ready to enter the ritual of adornment; decorating your self with self-love, self-respect, and the intention of letting the divine in you shine.

By beautifying ourselves we reflect the worlds beauty, we engage in the capacity to make this world, this moment, this experience - beautiful, and we allow that beauty to flow and nourish our capacity to feel alive, vibrant, exuberant with passion. We allow beauty to express our deepest feelings, and transform our deepest pain. We employ it to touch others, to make them feel, to connect and rejoice together in the wonders of life-flow.

Beauty and pain, pleasure and hardship, peaceful-bliss and conflict, are all facet of the same coin, a shiny, rusty, weathered, sparkling coin.