As part of my passionate pursuit of health, holistic living, and the cultivation of natural beauty, I make my own, natural to the max, beauty and health products. Most popular amongst them is "my" face cream. I used to call it "Ayurvedic Glow", or "Rose Glow" but now it is simply GLOW. 

I formulate it with the best skin care products our magical planet produces. It reduces wrinkles, pimples, dryness, rosacea. It revitalizes the skin, hydrates it, plumps it, smoothen it, and makes it more youthful and radiant, for real!

I procure my ingredients carefully, continuously researching for the best sources. All organic, non-GMO, safe for consumption, chemical free, local companies are my guidelines. My favorite source for essential oils, which are key component of my products, is Dr. Nick of Essential Oil Wizardry. I know him in person; he is the real deal un-compromised wizard. His rose absolute essential oil is to-die-for! But really they are all spectacular. I also love DeAnna's selection at the Dhyana Center - I get Tagetes (Mexican Calendula) and Bee Balm (Wild Bergamot) from her. 

I brew this magic in my humble kitchen in goddess wear (AKA nude) so I can sample it on my skin and utilize every drop of this precious concoction from the blender blade after I seal the jars. 

I make it for myself, for my family, and for my friends. There is not an ounce of commercial calculation entering the creation process, it is packed with generous amounts of prized ingredients. 

Glow Face Cream makes a wonderful gift. It has a lovely pink color that opens the heart and uplifts the spirit, and a delightful bright floral aroma that makes you sigh with joy. 

Made in small batches when inspiration arises.