Temple Goddess Workout - Download


Temple Goddess Workout - Download

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This fun and captivating workout is a delicious fusion of Yoga and Indian Dance that slims your waist, tones your abs, bottom, and thighs, and gets you glowing like a Goddess! The moves are playful, elegant, graceful, and sensual, and will make you look and feel amazing.

Indian dancer and yogini, Revital Carroll, has choreographed luscious phrases, set to the exotic world-groove music of Prem Joshua, that will transport you to the enchanting temples of ancient India. By practicing the routines in this 85 min. DVD, you will be burning calories, developing core strength, and sculpting your whole body; all with fluid grace and a smile on your face!

DVD Highlights:

  • Two Temple Goddess Workouts: 20-minute tune-up, and 40-minute complete workout
  • Cool Down: 20-minute stretch out and cool down segment
  • Foundations: Tips and nuances to maximize your workout experience
I’ve been watching my temple goddess workout dvd almost every day for the past 2 or 3 weeks. it has been the perfect practice for me to center, balance, strengthen, and stretch. it is beautiful to watch. Your voice is so melodic, calming, and focused. your instruction is great! I’ve been neglecting my inner strength and dancing goddess lately. School keeps me at a desk for so many hours and it can be difficult to stay balanced in body, mind, and spirit. I want to tell you that I already feel the strength and stability returning to my legs, elongation of my spine, opening and flexibility of my knees, hips, shoulders, and heart. The back-bends and forward bends are restoring vitality to my low back. The balancing exercises were difficult at first but a very achievable and satisfying goal to work towards.
— Hilary Marshall, graduate student in physical therapy, AZ