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Odissi Dance Workshop
By Sharmila Biswas

 August 12-18, 2019, Palo Alto, CA

Mon-Fri, 4-9pm | Sat-Sun, 1-6pm

The dance pieces taught in this workshop are all Sharmila’s original choreographies developed through extensive research of the traditional dance and musical forms of Odisha. The music for each dance has been specially composed for Sharmila Biswas by senior musicians of Odisha.

 Basic Item: Mon-Fri, 4-6pm | Sat-Sun, 1-3pm
Vasanta Utsav: A Sabhinaya Pallavi, set in Rag Kafi

Vasanta is essentially a pure dance, yet the descriptions of spring and the joy it brings give scope for building it up into a story. This dance composition uses movements from Danda and Sambalpuri folk dances, transformed and integrated with the Odishi vocabulary. The festive mood of this piece is highlighted with the use of sticks and plates of flowers.

Advanced Item: Mon-Fri, 6:30-9pm | Sat-Sun, 3:30-6pm
Jhulan: based on a collage of traditional Maharis songs from Puri

The songs used in this dance piece were received from Parashmani Mahari, the last Temple dancer of Jagannath temple. The music composition is by Prafulla Kar, who has edited the songs to beautifully string together as a garland.

The choreography of this dance emphasizes on Angik Abhnay – expressing ideas through body movements. The movements are playful, capturing the spirit of Jhulan (Swing) Festival (During Monsoon time).

Workshop includes the following as well:

·      Movements skills to improve dance technique, postures, balance, and speed.

·      Methods of ‘Abhinaya’ to enhance the expressional aspect of pure dance and lyrics.

·      Warm up and cool down exercises to increase flexibility and to prevent injuries, specially devised for Indian Classical Dancers.



Basic Item (Vasanta Utsav): $245
Advance Item (Jhulan): $295
Complete package (Both): $395


Basic Item (Vasanta Utsav): $300
Advance Item (Jhulan): $350
Complete package (Both): $450

  • Workshop fee includes item/s music (of professional quality), and practice video.

  • All ticket sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.