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Wisdom of Woman's Body -  June 1-8, 2017
A residential retreat in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, CA. 
Dance | Yoga | Pelvic Care | Breasts Care | Bodywork and more.

Join us for an amazing and educational experience...

Women of all ages can experience pelvic health challenges. Over their lifetime, women experience changes and different conditions within the body that men never will.  A woman’s body has special characteristics that put it into a class of its own.  Everything from monthly menses to childbirth to menopause, all are natural experiences that women encounter which have the potential to cause discomfort, pain or associated health problems.


The pelvic floor is made up of a number of layers of muscle tissue and associated ligaments that are anchored within the ‘bowl’ of the pelvis. These are connected to the pubic bone in the front, the tailbone in the back, between the sitting bones as well as to the hip muscles deep inside the pelvis. The muscular tissue and ligaments support all of the organs located in your pelvic region, including the bladder, small intestine, rectum, and, in women, the uterus and vagina.

In addition to providing essential bladder and bowel control, pelvic floor muscles also contribute to sexual function.  Strong pelvic floor muscles correlate with increased sexual sensation and arousal.  Pelvic floor muscle spasm however, can result in pain during intercourse and orgasm, as well as causing constipation and bladder problems.  The ability of the pelvic floor muscles to both contract as well as relax is critical to normal bowel, bladder and sexual function.  Pelvic floor dysfunction, be it weakness, laxity or spasm, can have a significant impact on your overall health.

Since you can't see your pelvic floor structures, you might not even realize that they have become stretched, weakened or injured until you notice other changes in your body or health.

Discover what a healthy pelvic floor feels like through meditation, movement, self-massage, energy and breath work. Gain proficiency in self-care so that you can prevent or improve:

Birth related PF trauma
Scars and adhesions
Low libido
Pelvic pain
PF muscle imbalance

Learn the latest research on brain mapping and orgasm, and the history of our cultural and societal perception of the vagina.


 The Lymphatic System is a network of rivers and tributaries, transporting and processing your own personal, internal "tea," including all the stuff you ingest through mouth, nose, and skin, as well as with your 5 senses.  Emotional/ hormonal responses flow through us, and their particles are literally cleaned up by a flowing Lymphatic System.  

Also known as our immune system, the Lymphatic vessels are where troublesome characters are identified, and broken down for excretion.  Lymph is the cellular bath in which cleansing and regeneration, take place.  At times, we can be flowing well overall in our bodies, with select areas of inflammation, stagnation and limitation.  At other times, we may be inflamed all over,  as in response to a virus.  

The breasts, with their high fat and fluid composition, and their hormone responsiveness, are prone to stagnation.  Restrictive clothing, surgery, hormonal imbalances, low physical activity... many things can contribute to congestion, or blockages, which can cause breast discomfort and contribute to cysts, fibrotic tissue, and infections.  With a little knowledge and loving attention, we can give our breasts a hand in clearing the debris.

Be empowered with a set of tools for engaging with your breasts and facilitating healthy flow.  Develop connection between your breasts and heart center through meditation and attentive touch.

Practice hands on Lymphatic Breast Self-Care exercises, to help prevent and relieve:
Fibrotic tissue
Buildup of toxins
Virus and cancerous cell proliferation
Breastfeeding difficulties
Emotional stagnation
Cyclical tenderness
Gain the ability to stimulate your Immune System with your own two hands!


Odissi - Indian Temple Dance
Odissi is a form of tantric yoga-dance originating in the temples of ancient India. This class introduces the fundamental principles of Odissi Dance, including the basic positions, Chauka and Tribhangi, which represent the male and female principles. Curvaceous movements, sculptured poses, fluid grace, theatrical expression, and impeccable rhythm characterize this vibrant art. We will weave together an exciting practice that gets you glowing like a Goddess! The moves are playful, elegant, graceful, and sensual, and will make you look and feel amazing!

Physical, mental and emotional benefits of Odissi Dance: increased self-love, self-care, devotion, body-mind awareness, happiness, improved posture, breath depth, muscle tone and memory, improved circulation, flexibility, respect to the body as a sacred space and home to the divine self or soul, connection to the divine and sacred feminine energy, GODDESS, compassionate love for humanity and all creations.

Healing with Mudras  
The creative capacity contained in our hands is accessible to anyone. Mudras are powerful tools for healing, emotional expression, concentration, and expanding consciousness. They are an essential part of Indian Dance, Yoga, Taoist alchemy, and Buddhist meditation. Join me for a fascinating exploration of the power in your hands! Discover simple and potent ways to access your core being, transform body and mind, and bring a new element of beauty and devotion to your life.