Revital Carroll is an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher. She is the director of Shakti Bhakti Ensemble and creator of three instructional DVDs: Temple Goddess Workout, Odissi Dance: Foundations, and Odissi Dance: Spins and Choreography. She is the co-author of Mudras of India, and author Mudras of Indian Dance Card Deck. She studied Odissi Dance in Odisha, India with some of Odissi's most eminent gurus; Guru Gangadhar Pradhan, Guru Bichitrananda Swain, and Sujata Mohapatra to name a few. She currently studies under the tutelage of Niharika Mohanty of Guru Shradha.

Revital is the perfect teacher for students looking for a mind-body-spirit connection in their exercise experience. I took Odissi Dance and yoga classes with her for about 2 years and loved the balance of flexibility, strength training, endurance, discipline, graceful movement, self-awareness, and spiritual centeredness woven into her sessions. Class with Revital is sure to make you look, and feel like a goddess.
— Hilary Marshall, Graduate student in Physical Therapy, Phoenix, AZ

Performance Highlights

Odissi Dance is as disciplined and difficult as mastering a violin concerto; and yet when I watched Revital dance, the moment was the only thing there was–timeless, spacious–it was everything, everything.
— Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, Tuscon, AZ

Media Appearances